We were spoilt for choice

In December 2016 we (Andrew and Lyn Holland) from The Retreat Lake were invited to choose the fish we had ordered earlier in the year. We didn’t have much notice but this wasn’t a problem because we understood that the right conditions to net and transport the fish to their new home were important. All part of the excellent service provided. We arrived at about ten o’clock and met the team and some more customers. Shirley Barker introduced us and we began the process of choosing our fish. We were spoilt for choice and instead of buying the two fish we had ordered we bought another three fish ending up with five! After paying for our fish we drove home and awaited delivery which was made within the hour. All five fish were carefully put into our lake. They swam away happily and a month later are now, hopefully, healthy in their new environment. We haven’t observed anything to make us think anything different. Carp are not cheap and healthy fish are essential for our business. It is important for a carp lake owners to trust that they are purchasing the healthiest fish from a reputable supplier. We would wholeheartedly recommend buying from Bigot Lakes. We will be adding to our stock next year.